Teenage Obesity and fitness..Do We Have a Answer??


This is what we get to read about Teenage Fitness and Obesity which is sad but true.

Today Pediatric and teenage Obesity in US is one of the major cause of concern, and owing to our lifestyle patterns, 6 digit salaries, Improved standard of living and less exposure to physical activity today’s teens are falling in this trap. Studies have shown that 60% of obese kids turn out to be Obese Adults and we will shortly be facing the same problems if we readily give up to fast food chains, pizza houses and game stations.

JointsnMotion has been proactive to create fitness communities across Thane and Mumbai and we surely admit there is a crucial role to play when it comes to teenage fitness and Obesity prevention. with this thought in mind JointsnMotion has come up with Teenage Obesity Prevention and Athletic training program, providing solutions for kids at all age and levels. Fitness cannot be counts or a specific set of exercises for kids, it is important to make it playful, goal oriented and most importantly involve all aspect of fitness like Flexibility, Endurance and Stamina. Importance of good Posture, essential ergonomics and body awareness can be of great help if introduced at the right stage.

If your kid is Obese, overweight or lean but not very active, don’t assume that he will grow out of it. there is no “right time” after college or post studies that one can concentrate on their health, fitness and do damage control. These things go hand in hand and should be given due importance at the right time. Based on our experience with kids training at our studio, transformation for them has not only been physical but a positive change in their overall personality and Improved Self Esteem.

Teenage Obesity Prevention and Athletic Training

Days: 3 days a week

Time: 5-6pm / 6-7pm

Venue: Orchids International School, Brahmand, Thane (w)

for more information send a mail to jointsnmotion@gmail.com or call 02240126500

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