Role of Your Arches

Running injuries strike the foot with each step. Plantar fascia, is located under the foot and stretches like a rope between the calcaneus, heel and toes , and plays a supporting role in the collapse of the plantar arch.



Causes: Runners with very high or very low arches are vulnerable, extreme pronation (foot rolls inward excessively) or supination (foot rolls outward excessively) and increasing your mileage too quickly.

Long periods of standing, especially on hard floors without supportive footwear, may exacerbate the problem.

Tight hip flexors, weak core muscles, and a history of lower back pain can also contribute. “Back issues and core weakness can lead to subtle changes in your stride that you’ll feel in the feet.

This pain, which typically feels like a dull ache or bruise along your arch or on the bottom of your heel, is usually worse first thing in the morning.

Physiotherapy Rehab:

—Stretch your plantar fascia & Strengthen your foot muscles

—The importance of doing core work (planks, back extensions)for plantar fasciitis.. A stable core reduces stress on the spine and stops pain transference to the foot.

Prevent a Relapse:

—Make sure your shoes fit your foot type by getting an analysis at a running shoe store or from a podiatrist or physical therapist. Stretch and massage the plantar fascia several times a day. In the morning, hang your feet over the edge of the bed and roll your ankles. Do core work at least twice a week.

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