Hamstring Issues

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This muscle runs down the back of our thighs bend our knees, extend our legs, drive us up hills, and power finish-line kicks.

Hamstring issues usually arise because these muscles are weak—often from being too long or too short. Very flexible people are prone to hamstring problems because their overly stretched-out muscles are more vulnerable to damage.

On the flip side, people who can barely touch their toes or who sit for long periods of time are also at risk. Tight, short muscles are under greater tension. Another factor is muscle imbalance: Many runners’ quadriceps overpowers their hamstrings, which sets them up for injury.

Physiotherapy Rehab:

—Immediately post run, you need to ice the hamstrings.

—In chronic hamstring issues, deep friction massage can help alleviate the pain.

—Post run, the following stretches must be performed to relax the hamstrings.(Fig: 1,2)

—Strengthening your hamstrings can be beneficial to take care of any muscle imbalances.

Resistance band hamstring curls:

Begin this exercise lying on your stomach with a resistance band tied around your ankle as demonstrated. Slowly bend your knee tightening the back of your thigh. Perform 3 sets of 10 repetitions provided the exercise is pain free.(Fig:3)\

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