Diaphragm spasm/Side Stitches

Diaphragm spasm/Side Stitches

These are thought to occur from the strain and fatigue associated with the increased workload of accelerated breathing from exercise.


Immediately take a deep breath to reverse the action of the diaphragm and push it down.

Manual pressure on where the pain strikes is also an effective way to ease the pain.

Stop running for a short while and do brief breathing exercises. Then, keep on doing breathing exercises until the pain is gone.

Running stitch while in a race where stopping is impossible, you can modify your breathing and stride while running. This will help ease the cramps and remove the pain. Slow down your speed or take a walking break.

Bending your body forward to more easily release air from your body.

Stretch your diaphragm area can help to relieve the tension. Just lean your upper body to the side and stretch a little further with each exhalation.

Prevent Side Stitches

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